6 Items to Sleep Well (or at Least Better) While Traveling

Time-zone changes, jet lag, strange noises, beds that are simply different from what you’re used to — even people who usually have no trouble getting a good night’s sleep can become insomniacs when away from home. Here, the sleep team and the travel editors of Wirecutter share the gear they use to cope with restless nights on the road, vetted through hours of testing and years of personal experience.

True, it won’t be much use at your destination. But start off your trip right by getting at least a little sleep on the plane.

At home, you’d be able to use blackout curtains. On the road, covering your eyes is often your only option for blocking out light.

Though noise-canceling headphones are better for planes, this headphone-headband hybrid is the most comfortable way on land to listen to whatever sounds soothe you.

This app offers better customization than any app Wirecutter tested, allowing you to mix 10 white-noise frequencies to create unique sounds.

A warm throw can help when your hotel’s industrial-strength air-conditioning kicks in and there’s no extra blanket, or if you’re stranded overnight in a terminal.

Even if P.J.’s aren’t your thing, not having to scramble for clothes when the hotel fire alarm goes off — it happens! — is reason enough to wear them.

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