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Relying on the language you learned in high school may not give you the most confidence in communication on your next trip abroad. Not to worry, however, because you have ways to make your life a little easier. Take away the worry before your next trip by immersing yourself in a new language in the easiest way possible: an Earworms MBT (Musical Brain Trainer) language learning course.

Earworms MBT combines the phenomenon of getting a song stuck in your head with comprehensive language learning. The audio consists of music filled with rhythmic repetitions including conversation fundamentals, useful phrases and applicable vocabulary. Developed by language learning experts, Earworms will have a new language “stuck in your head” so that it will be saved in your long-term memory for future use. The MBT is designed to fill your brain with the essentials of a language while you sit back, relax and soak it all in.

Each course comes with three volumes of musical language learning and 200 minutes of audio. Earworms MBT will teach you the tools needed to find your way around a foreign country, introduce yourself to new people and completely immerse yourself in a new environment. These courses allow you to subconsciously acquire collections of verbs, nouns and connecting words for a solid foundational knowledge of a new language.

Volumes 1-3 of Earworms MBT courses in Latin American Spanish, French, Italian, German and European Spanish are available at $14.99 per language. Marked down 62% from $40.50, these courses come in immediately downloadable audio files and include a phrasebook for review and quick reference. Start learning a language today on your daily commute, while you exercise or even on the plane to a new country.


Earworms MBT Language Learning Bundle Vol. 1-3 – $14.99

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