How a love of surfing bring rich and poor together in Rio

Marcello lives in the favela of Rocinha. Patrick lives in the swanky district of São Conrado beside it.

From opposite ends of Rio de Janeiro’s social spectrum, the two make improbable friends, but a love of surfing at their local beach has brought them together.

In Rio de Janeiro, São Conrado beach’s waves attract surfers from different social and economic backgrounds. Although equipment costs are relatively high, the sport has become more accessible in Brazil thanks to donations and NGO’s initiatives.

The average income in the São Conrado neighbourhood is 11.8 times higher than in the nearby favela Rocinha. But this divide doesn’t prevent surfers who live in both areas from catching waves together. In this close-knit surfing community, friendships are forged through trust, respect and their mutual passion for the ocean.

This video is part of Crossing Divides, a BBC season bringing people together in a fragmented world.

Video journalist: Ana Terra Athayde.

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