Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Donald Trump Loves Kim Jong Un More Than Melania’

Maybe too much so, Jimmy Kimmel suggested on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday. Trump rhapsodized recently over a “beautiful” three-page letter he received from the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and claimed on Saturday that the missive included an apology for North Korea’s recent testing of short-range missiles. North Korea had said the launches were a warning to the United States and South Korea.

Kimmel wasn’t buying the apology but he was convinced of Trump’s devotion to the hermit kingdom honcho.

“It’s like he met a friend at dictator camp and now he wants to have a sleepover,” the host quipped.

Kimmel asked viewers to try to imagine Trump declaring similar affection to his wife Melania ― and, well, it’s difficult.

Watch the whole segment, titled “Donald Trump Loves Kim Jong Un More Than Melania,” above.

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