John Oliver Explains Exactly Why Boris Johnson Is Not Donald Trump

John Oliver compared British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to President Donald Trump with a quote from Trump himself on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight.” (See the full segment below.)

The British host showed a clip of Trump bragging that Johnson has become known as “Britain Trump,” which means the British “like me over there,” Trump said.

Incorrect on both counts, Oliver emphasized: “No one ever says ‘Britain Trump,’ unless it it’s in the context of a sentence like, ’I’m getting the fuck out of Britain. Trump is coming to visit this weekend.’”

Oliver later got down to what separates the two after the obvious similarity of being a “clownish figure with silly hair and a passing relationship with the truth.”

Johnson is far more complex, and is extremely calculating in presenting himself as “a lovable mess weathering adversity with humor and good cheer,” according to Oliver. His bumbling ways can fool citizens into believing he is prepared on certain issues, when he is actually not.

“Can you imagine Trump having that level of self-reflection?” Oliver asked before slipping into Trump’s persona. Referring to one of Trump’s Twitter gaffes, Oliver, as Trump, said: “With covfefe the tactic was to present myself as a kind of sub-literate clown to distract you from the fact I’m a mound of skin totally stretched across the chasm where a soul should be.”

Watch the full segment below.

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